Sharing the projects

For as long as I remember Ive built things. I can’t explain why but theres always been a spark at the back of my mind that pushes me to create. This strange desire has manifested itself in many forms over the years, initially with models but then as I grew older it morphed into DIY. We bought a run down old house and did it up, mostly by trial and error (lots of error) but also by following the good old Reader’s Digest big red book.

As the years moved on we fixed up more houses and even if I say so myself, got fairly good at it. Of course when the house is finished the old need to create something else always reappears and this is where the construction of musical instruments, sailing boats (yes real ones) and all other manner of odd things has emerged.

This site then is my attempt to share some of my projects with the hope of encouraging others to have a go at some of them. Hopefully I will give enough details that the basic ideas can be followed almost as a set of instructions.

The site is also a front page for my Apps of course. You will find a support page for the apps that will allow you to get in touch to complain or praise the apps and maybe even persuade me to add functionality that you would like 🙂



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